Introduction :

Study in the UK offers you a long history of teaching the world’s greatest leaders, thinkers and artists. You can choose from traditional UK Universities that have taught for hundreds of years, or modern, state-of-the-art Universities and colleges throughout England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales.

Courses in London are always popular – living in one of the world’s most exciting and dynamic cities is a life-changing experience or adventure if you may call it. It’s a great place to study an Undergraduate or Master’s Degree.

A UK education doesn’t have to be expensive either. The cost of living outside of London is much more affordable. UK degrees can be completed in three years with Honors (saving a year of tuition compared with many other international degrees).

Every young student dreams of a bright future and, most often, this dream is achieved through higher studies abroad. The United Kingdom is a forerunner in offering world class higher education to students from all over the world .

When you wish to study abroad, UK seems to be the right destination, as the UK Education System offers top class education with state-of-the-art facilities and resources. The VISA process is clearly laid out, methodical and streamlined making it much more attractive over other countries. Adding further, the system is very Student friendly. The UK has no restriction when it comes to issuing student VISA, which is why so many students get to pursue their higher studies here.

Living in UK

Apart from its education system, the UK is also famous for a number of other things. A historically rich destination with deep cultural roots, the UK provides an ideal base from which one can explore the history and culture of not just the UK but of the rest of Europe as well. With options to work during the course of your studies, the UK boasts of a multicultural society that can help you grow intellectually. From breathtaking landscapes to the royalty at Buckingham Palace, life in the UK is an experience that cannot be missed.

Why Study in the UK

From the world-class reputation of UK universities, to the vibrancy of its cities and culture, England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have a lot to offer to International students. Four of the world’s top six universities are based in the UK, while all of its institutes offer a high quality level of teaching from leading professionals in their chosen area.

With advanced research methods and excellent facilities, you are guaranteed an education of the highest standard. UK courses are internationally recognized and come with prestigious qualifications that will make your résumé stand out to future employers. There is also a great deal of information and guidance available along the way to help you to further your education and plan your career.

The UK has a large international student community and multicultural society. Students come from more than 150 nations to study in the UK. Many educational institutes have an international society to enable students from abroad to settle in the UK and make friends. These societies are always very sociable and offer trips to local attractions, and activities such as meals out, parties and gatherings. They also serve as a great source of support and advice and will enable you to make friendships that will last a lifetime.

As an international student you have the option to work for up to 20 hours per week during term time and full time during holidays. There are also opportunities for you to work for up to two years following your graduation. This is a great way to build up your work experience and gain some important skills that may compliment your future career.

Another benefit of being based in the UK is its proximity to the rest of Europe. Many destinations are a short plane journey away, which is fantastic for students who want to travel on term breaks. The UK is a great gateway to Europe, with plenty of travel links and wonderful students deal and guidance to help you on your way.

Academic Excellence:

The world knows about it and we believe you are no exception. The one crucial information we must add is that all nationally recognized UK qualifications are subject to strict inspection and quality standards by respective national quality assurance agencies and funding councils (QCA, ACCAC, CCEA, SQA, QAA, RAE). These abbreviations may not make any sense to you right now, we understand, but sooner rather than later, they will. All that you need to do is be able to select the right course and the right Institution.


Save time studying quality education
• All Masters (incl. MBAs) are of just One year duration
• You can also finish most Under-graduate degrees in 3 years (incl. engineering) which are generally 4 years in other Countries
• Sandwich programs: As an Undergraduate Student at the Bachelors level, you can get an unique opportunity of working for an additional year (generally in your 3rd year for UG Program OR 4th Year in case of a 5 Year Integrated Masters) and resuming your studies (in the final year). Almost all Universities offer this on most of their programs. The Sandwich Year not only helps you get a much required work experiencebut also gives your employer the exposure of you as a worker. In additionto this the Placements helps develop very strong interpersonal skills.


We understand that you do not wish to waste your money
• Post Study Work (PSW):
It is a ‘points based system’ where students can work in the UK for 2 years after successfully finishing their UK Recognised Bachelors / Post graduate Diploma / Masters under Tier 2 Visa. Well, you will require a job where you earn more than £20,500 p.a.
• Part Time Work
You can work part-time for up to 20 hours per week during your term time and full-time (generally 40 hours per week) during holidays. This gives you an exposure and experience of the real time work, builds your confidence, helps develop strong interpersonal skills etc.


Simply, you name a course at any level and the UK has it on offer, with quality. Most UK courses are very industry focused, thus justifying your investment. Students could specialise in anything from marketing, finance, logistics, computer games programming, ocean engineering, satellite positioning technology or sound engineering to multi- media design, anthropology, cross-cultural psychology, hotel management or dance. Have you heard about art history or genetic counseling? Or have you ‘witnessed’ anyone studying ‘pottery’? Business schools in the UK have been extremely recognized all over the world to produce highly respected personalities and MBAs.


UK is probably one of the safest places to study in. You will find one odd relative living in the UK somehow. But even if you do not, Institutions are always there to help.

Welcome to UK!!!!

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