Anusha Lihala

During the IELTS training at BGE, Ma’am provides one with unparalleled one on one attention and focus. As I already had some basic knowledge of the test beforehand, after a brief overview she dived straight into her repertoire of skills and strategies amassed from personal experience.
The IELTS training provided was extremely flexible and tailored to my needs, not only with respect to timings but content as well. Ma’am was quick to assess my strengths and weaknesses and thereafter gave maximum attention to the modules I found more difficult.
Moreover, I had the freedom to choose the day as well as the timings of the classes. Long, frequently changing college timings made it difficult to fix a predetermined day and time, however at BGE I only had to ask whether a particular slot would be available and they would confirm or suggest an alternative time.
Last but not least, Ma’am was very friendly and approachable. It is important to be able to ask one’s teacher any doubts without hesitation, and Ma’am helped put a rest to all my worries about the test, giving helpful tips wherever applicable.


I am an Air Force guy and I was about to retire in a month’s time which is when I got an offer from overseas. That’s when I came to know that I have to give IELTS exam and a good score in that test is a prerequisite to work in the UK. I was searching for institutes which specialise in coaching students to clear the IELTS test which is when I came to know about the Bose Global in Kolkata from my father. True to its reputation, the study material provided by the institute’s chief instructor, Mrs. Sabitaa Dutta Bose was top notch. She has a way with students particularly in the way she interacts with them and makes them ease their nerves. No prizes for guessing that she’s absolutely proficient in English but what’s praiseworthy is her expertise in coaching students to clear IELTS exam in almost no time. She knows the exam inside out consequent to which she has come up with well drafted notes on how to crack the test in the very first attempt. I could hardly attend classes for just 20 days owing to my work requirements but her expertise helped me score a commendable 7.5 in the test. In hindsight, I wonder now that had I given more time to attend the classes, I sure would have stood a great chance to score an 8.5 or even a 9. No matter what level you’re at with your English, consider it granted that she’s going to ramp up your English to IELTS standard for sure. I would recommend her to anyone who is willing to clear IELTS in the very first attempt with a very good score.

Shubhayan Dasgupta

First of all, I am sincerely thankful to Bose Global for giving me the opportunity to fulfil my dream. If it wasn’t for it, I still would be giving these tiresome Engineering Examinations. For this reason, I am thankful to My Mentor, Deep Sir.

My first hurdle for getting an admission was the IELTS and I was kind of stressed about it but thanks to my IELTS coach and mentor Mrs. Sabitaa Dutta Bose Who helped me completely to ace in the exam. She taught me every aspect of the IELTS including very small details about the exam so that the test goes perfectly for me. She gave me homework and it was discussed in the class. If ever I couldn’t attend a class due to my personal problems she would reschedule and teach me those topics on a different day. Thanks to Sabita ma’am and Bose Global I was able to get the confidence I needed to give the test.

Bose Global is responsible for my success and a heartfelt thanks to Sabitaa Ma’am and Deep Sir for being such excellent mentors.

Sampanna Pahi

In the time of uncertainty and confusion, when it is impervious to perform the pressure is really high regarding what to expect from GRE and IELTS. During this time ,faculty from BOSE global really helped me in narrowing down my objectives regarding the exam. In such a short span of time Mrs. Joey Bose, IELTS faculty helped me to not only to Ace the exam but realize how wrong we have been using English in our daily lives. There is no question regarding her depth of knowledge in English and she is well-versed with expectations from IELTS exam. Taking classes with her was like having a really insightful conversation with a friend. And at the end of the day you'll realize you have learnt a great deal of knowledge. Throughout the training period she was patient with silly queries and solved all of them till the root. With her experience, she helped me hone my speaking and writing skills especially the grammar part. In the exam I got 8 band score and I am sure anyone with a little nudge from Joey ma'am can achieve the same and ever higher.

Coming to the GRE training, it was a surreal experience with faculty here. They helped me envision my goal and instructed me in all possible ways. Being from a science background, I assumed the quantitative part would be easy but after the training I realized it's not about the theoretical knowledge, it's about time management. Verbal faculty helped me with breaking down the complex questions into simpler parts. With Joey ma'am constantly supporting me in remember those myriad of words. This helped me achieve a desirable score in GRE.It was a great journey altogether.

Nihar Modi


Well, the title itself signifies the importance of Sabitaa Dutta Bose Ma’am in my life. I enrolled myself for IELTS at Bose Global when I decided to go abroad for my further studies.
I can never forget those 5 days of my life when Sabitaa Ma’am and Deep Sir rigorously prepared me for IELTS for 6-7 hours a day. Not only this they frequently used video calling to boost my confidence before the IELTS examination.
I was very nervous for my IELTS but gradually got confidence all due to Sabitaa Ma’am and Deep Sir. I still wonder many a times as to how Sabitaa Ma’am managed to find my faults and rectify them within a short span of 5 days. It was nothing short of a Miracle !!!!


Though, Bose Global has many success stories to share, but mine is my favourite. I feel so blessed to be a part of this institution, to me BGE is the gateway through which I look forward to achieve my dreams. I enrolled myself as a student of IELTS, BGE helped me to improve my LRWS skills and to learn fast as it follows modern-day best practices and advanced methodologies. I want to send out my heartfelt gratitude to the trainer Sabitaa Dutta and the founder Deep Bose for their enormous effort, time, guidance and support to make my pathway smooth. There were several occasions where they went upto certain extents, which I believe were far beyond going extra miles for a student. To me they are the second parent in true sense. My learning sessions were never confined to any time schedule, rather it was flexible and even much more than the time allocated. Most importantly the gamut of study material BGE has is commendable. The learning program I've just completed has been an amazing journey. The information and knowledge I acquired has been invaluable and I will take it with me as I look forward to new challenges and successes in my life.
Band score: 7.5

Dr. Arupratan Maiti

In my opinion, Bose Global is not only a training institution but also a pillar for success. Before joining here as student, I was kind of listless about IELTS and was pondering what to do but after enrolling here the pathway had become very smooth with the coordinated personalised care.

The trainer Sabitaa Dutta Bose was so stalwart that in no time she detected my weak points and left no stone unturned to rectify them. With her immense knowledge in language and planning, she not only helped me to improve LRW skills but also conferred me immense confidence.

The timing was very flexible. She provided huge number of study materials for preparation at home too. In classes I never felt 'away from home' and that's why learnt really fast. Thanks for the complete guidance for IELTS.

Band score: 7.5

Esha Singh

Bose Global is an all purpose solution for both - Overseas Education Consulting and IELTS Training. The Trainer imparted the training to me where I entered as a greenhorn with no clue about the IELTS Exam. Not only the IELTS Trainer has been understanding towards my problem but was also quick enough to catch onto my weak areas. She left no stone unturned in making me practice all the modules.

This is an ideal place where one can really gain confidence to appear for the Exam and where they go the extra mile to prepare the candidates. Further, I would like to specially mention the personalized attention and flexibility of timings which helped me prepare for the Exam thoroughly.

Priyam Gupta

Bose Global paved the way for me by providing me guidance and all the support required for getting ready for IELTS exam. The trainer has been very helpful and cooperative as she provided me the luxury of selecting the day and time of the classes as per my convenience. It was a great learning experience as I became aware of all the tiny details as well as parameters to be kept in mind while preparing for IELTS. The best part about this organization is that here the latent talent of the students is kindled and nurtured so that they can have a bright future ahead.