Riddhi Jalan

After completion of ISC from LA MARTINIERE for GIRLS, Kolkata. Riddhi Jalan was counselled and entire process off application, admission and VISA process was carried out by us (Bose Global). She successfully joined the Culinary Arts Academy, Le Bouveret Campus for her Bachelors in Culinary Arts in the July 2018 session and is currently doing her Intership at Intercontinental Davos.

Sampanna Pahi

Aiming for an abroad university in a niche subject is a very tiresome and demanding task. Deep sir, counselled me and helped me visualize how to take this decision. Being from a basic science background the options were relatively limited. Bose Global helped me find the Universities fulfilling my specific requirements. They also helped me with the training in the required eligibility qualifications. Deep sir's sincerity and perseverance is unquestionable in itself. He has taken care of each and every process and meticulously made this process as smooth as it can get. From helping me in deciding which college to go for to preparing me for the visa interview. He has helped me in everything. Joining under Bose Global gave me the confidence that I can make it to my desirable university. I would definitely recommend anyone who is serious for abroad education, should do it under Bose Global.

Shubhayan Dasgupta

First of all, I am sincerely thankful to Bose Global for giving me the opportunity to fulfil my dream. If it wasn’t for it, I still would be giving these tiresome Engineering Examinations. For this reason, I am thankful to My Mentor, Deep Sir.

My first hurdle for getting an admission was the IELTS and I was kind of stressed about it but thanks to my IELTS coach and mentor Mrs. Sabitaa Dutta Bose Who helped me completely to ace in the exam. She taught me every aspect of the IELTS including very small details about the exam so that the test goes perfectly for me. She gave me homework and it was discussed in the class. If ever I couldn’t attend a class due to my personal problems she would reschedule and teach me those topics on a different day. Thanks to Sabita ma’am and Bose Global I was able to get the confidence I needed to give the test.

Bose Global is responsible for my success and a heartfelt thanks to Sabitaa Ma’am and Deep Sir for being such excellent mentors.

Sonica Chouhan

I'm Sonica Chouhan from Bhopal. I have completed my graduation from IHM-HYDERABAD. After completing my graduation , I always wanted to pursue my Culinary course from abroad. But was unable to go ahead with my dreams because I never got any proper counseling. I very well remember that I have put up an inquiry into the SEG, Swiss Education Group website to pursue my further studies from Switzerland. I was directed to Mr. Deep Bose for Counseling and Admission.
I still remember after I had chatting with Deep Sir I got clarity about my dream to study in Culinary Arts Academy, Switzerland. I have cleared my IELTS exam and VISA training with the proper guidance of Mrs. Sabitta Dutta Bose and Deep Sir. My Visa interview went off very smoothly.I would take my flight to my destination in the month of October. The entire credit goes to Deep Sir’s hard work who stood by me to support me . Bose Global really does so much more than one student can expect. They were always there to guide me and clear my doubts at every single point of time.
Bose global education provides best quality guidance to their students and counsels according to the need and interest of the students. They don't make any false promises. There was a clear transparency throughout my journey with them. They are extremely professional on one one hand and supportive to the core on the other.

Soumya Banik

I’m Soumya Banik from Kolkata - The City of Joy, completed my schooling from Vikas Vidyaniketan, Visakhapatnam.
After my Schooling , I decided to pursue my career in Hospitality with Events Management specialization .It was always my dream to go across to a overseas destination for my higher education. Since I wanted to pursue hospitality , Switzerland became a natural choice .
For my higher education in Switzerland and IELTS Test I approached BOSE GLOBAL EDUCATION, which is not only a training institution but also a pathway leading to defined “Success”.
I was being mentored and counseled by the chief Mentor, Mr. Deep Bose ,also the India Representative for SWISS EDUCATION GROUP. There was a transparency of transaction and all my needs were very well addressed. There were no over stating of facts provided to me. The VISA procedure was absolutely hassle free and was fully taken care by the Chief Mentor. The preparation of IELTS Examination and giving the test was mandatory for me before I could join SHMS, Caux Palace. The faculty, Mrs Sabitaa Dutta Bose helped me prepare and get the required band score to pursue my bachelor’s degree in Switzerland.
Before I bid adieu to all my pals , a message worth sharing:
Whosoever desires to study Bachelors or Masters Degree overseas must approach and completely rely on Bose Global Education, for able guidance and counseling as per your need and interest. This organization has its own uniqueness since it gives sound advice on careers and industry relevance.
Thanks to Bose Global Education


My name is Chirag and I came to BGE(Bose Global Education)a year back.From then onwards the Chief Mentor, Mr.Bose has been a very kind and father like figure.He gave me excellent tips for IELTS exam and excellent exam cracking tips.Besides he facilitated my MBA in Switzerland.At first I was not sure about going to Switzerland but then he showed me the brighter side of going there and yes he provided me with an all round good package.He was very helpful and I was learning something new from their institution everyday
Although I had to return from Switzerland due to medical issues, he still gave me hope that I could return and start my studies once again after recovery. He has been a friend philosopher and guide and has worked hard and tried to convince everyone that I am capable of starting my studies once again. He has provided me assurance and confidence and least of allI’ve never seen a person work so hard for me. BGE provides excellent platforms for overseas education. I am very grateful to them for providing me such a good opportunity and a platform from where I’ll be ahead of my peers.

Jason K. Passah

It's extremely easy to take an English test for granted, especially when you come from an English speaking family. This was my attitude prior to going into my IELTS exams and I was clearly wrong. It was only then when I sat down with Mrs. Sabitaa Bose that I realized, I did not have the upper hand. All my paperwork was already done for me, all I had to do was attend the classes and take the test. Mrs. Bose had opened my eyes as to what was waiting for me in the exam.  With her certified skills and her professional flair, she taught me things about the English language that I have never learned in the classroom. She shared her experience and strategies, which helped me greatly, even beyond the IELTS exams. The treatment I had received was greatly beneficial. The small and personal classroom environment helped me as the classes were more focused. We sharpened my skills and did away with my flaws.

As a student myself I feel like it is my duty to share my experience with other students. Yes, it is an extremely important decision to study abroad and if you are to go ahead with it, you would need the best in the business to guide you. With the variety of options, it is easy to get confused as to where to go. But, if you are serious about taking the IELTS test and to study abroad or just to be able to travel the world I would recommend Bose Global Education.

Nihar Modi

I’m Nihar Modi from Bhuvneshwar going to pursue my Undergrads in Mechatronic and Robotic engineering from The University Of Sheffield, UK.
Through this testimonial, I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to Bose Global Education for supporting and guiding me during the most crucial stage of my life i.e., giving me the platform according to my interest and need, where I can get a world class learning experience and perform my best.
Before meeting Mr. Deep Bose and Mrs. Sabita Dutta Bose I was in turmoil. I was unable to decide my study destination and was caught up in a dilemma between India or Overseas.
Turning point came in my life when I decided not to attempt for my IIT’s and followed the path shown by Deep Sir. Sir was very sure about my career as to where I am supposed to go as per my passion. Eventually, I qualified myself for Bachelors in Mechatronic & Robotic Engineering at the famed University of Sheffield.
 BGE has played a very vital role in my admission procedures. They have given me advice regarding every aspect from choosing the right university to filing my visa application. It’s all due to their support I made it to The University of Sheffield.
Right after the day my application was made and till the day when I applied for my VISA, I underwent lots of ups and downs in my life but BGE always stood beside me as a pillar of strength and support. Deep Sir, always supported me and it’s because of him that I made to The University Of Sheffield.
 My special thanks to Deep Sir & Sabitaa Dutta Bose Ma’am for their utmost help during the entire process. Lastly, I want to mention that choosing BGE is one of the best decisions of my life.

Akshit Lamba

According to me Bose Global is the ideal institution for a student who has strong ambitions of pursuing their studies abroad! Deep sir helped me not only with short listing the country & college from where I should pursue my masters, but right from filing my college applications till the grant of my visa he has been there at every step as a guide helping me to turn my dream of studying at a premiere foreign Institution into a reality! Joey ma’am with her expertise at the English language helped me muster all the tips and tricks much needed for the IELTS exam within the timespan of a week! Along with providing me the study materials and giving me special classes, she also boosted such confidence within me which helped me get a wonderful score. I would like to thank Bose global education for the help provided to me at every step and with the precious knowledge imparted to me along with the blessings of deep sir and joey ma’am I look forward to pursuing my goals in life...!
Band Score: 8.0


1. Trust played a huge role when I had to narrow down on my search for the Agency and choose the right University and the place. In the beginning I wasn’t sure whether all that was said and shown in pictures will actually be true or not, till the time I actually went there and saw it from my own eyes.

2. BGE assured me that Sheffield would be an ideal place for me, even they helped me to get in touch with local student studying there so that I could clear out all my doubts and worries before leaving. I was also told about the cons that I might encounter while I am there so that I am clear in my head from before. Such transparency not only helped me in believing that I was investing my future in the right place through the right channel but also helped me shape up my career. Today, I can say that if I hadn’t been to University of Sheffield I would have regretted it.

3. BGE took care of all my worries and helped me in a very professional way with the application process right from A to Z. The dedication shown always made me feel assured that I am investing my time and money in the right place. A dedicated approach right till the end helped me in securing a successful place in the University. All my doubts were explained in a very simple manner, which helped me in understanding things better and were a perfect aid to all my needs. Top quality work was done by BGE for my application.

4. The transaction was completely smooth and was based on what my needs were as a student and BGE made sure that these were successfully taken care of.

5. The visa process was completely hassle free. All I did was give the correct documents required and go to the visa center on the day of my Visa application. The entire process was taken care by BGE even the questions that I had during the process were also explained to me in a very detailed manner. The professionalism shown by BGE was hands down better than getting it done from any other agent.


I'm going to Birmingham City University, UK to pursue MSc Data Networks & Security through Bose Global Education. My experience with BGE has been wonderful. They were more helpful than I anticipated and constantly kept in touch with me. They not only helped me with the procedure but also helped me prepare emotionally to leave. I'll always be grateful to BGE for this amazing opportunity and how proactive they were. I had very little to worry about knowing BGE was there.


1. Education for me in India was completely based on theoretical knowledge whereas studying overseas helped me develop myself and adapt to the learning environment in an easy manner through practical education. There were classes based on live presentations, case studies, visits to industries to see how things actually work in real life. There were times when professionals came from different industries to give us an example on how what we study is dealt with in real life. Most of the professionals who came to share their knowledge during my course were from top MNCs. These factors helped me not only to understand things better and in a quick way but also helped me to quickly adapt as soon as I came into my working life.

2. The relevance of the program is made in such a way that it covers all the topics through a wide variety of modules in a particular course. This diversity helps in understanding the subject from all angles. There was a sense of fear and lack of confidence when I first started working after my studies but to my surprise it just took me a week to get into the business life, thanks to the practical knowledge that I had gained during my course which helped me to adapt quickly.

3. The scope of getting an internship is high, no doubt that it will take immense effort to get one because of the competition. Opportunities will keep knocking at the door, while in full time education. Hard-work and dedication during this time will only pave the way in getting one but surely it does pay off at a later stage as it did for me. No doubt it is one of the best experiences I have ever had. Working in an environment in a different culture helps me immensely for my self-development as I am constantly learning and thinking in a different culture. It also helps in networking. The pay is also good to take care of everyday life.

4. At first it will be a cultural shock that will affect you from all possible ways in terms of your thinking and thoughts. Once you adapt and start living in this mix culture it will open up the monotonous way of thinking. There will be constant learning and it will be fascinating to see someone sharing the same cup of tea but approaching it in a different way. This is one of the best experiences one can get as there is so much to learn, even a possibility to look at things differently, whilst, you always did from your perspective.

5. It’s not always the studies that help you abroad, but how you look at things and mix with a wide variety of people coming from different culture and background is what helps in bringing the best out of you. Every minute, living away from home is learning.

Shloke Sen

I have now settled into University and I just wanted to send a thank you letter - I am very grateful for what you have done for me.
It was great meeting you and talking to you. When I think of it, it all just happened over a span of 2 weeks from applying to college to my VISA. I have always worked last minute, you ensured and followed up to make sure I am on the ball and without your support I would be so lost and maybe even messed up my VISA application.
Thank you again for all the invaluable guidance and advice, I am very sure I will come back to you soon and bother you once again to help me with my further academic career.

Vishnu Raveen – September 2013

Mr. Deep Bose had given me his very knowledgeable guidance and shared his ideas for postgraduate courses while I was in my final semester of mechanical engineering at MIT, Manipal.

He was very friendly and shared his suggestions and cleared all confusions I had during that time. He took into consideration my suggestions, requests and helped to choose the right course and university.

He was supportive from the start of process till I got my admission. I even recommended his name to, my friends who used his service.

MSc Petroleum Engineering at Heriot-Watt, Dubai Campus is a very intense one year program. It is not for the weak hearted! Professors fly from the UK for classes every month. Professors were good to average. Mostly it is self-study. Accommodation facilities provided by the university was good. University is in a remote location of Dubai.

There were few more students from India. Out of the class of 110, around 20 got placed and I got a Placement with TGT Oilfield Services and am working there as a Well Log Analyst. The work I am doing currently is directly linked to the course I studied at Heriott Watt, Dubai Campus.